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howm wiki - MultiLineToDo Diff

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TODOを複数行にわたって書けたらいいな - [[2ch3:720]]

どんなときにそれが欲しくなるのか, あんまり想像がついてないのですが…

;; ToDo の行末が「\」だったら, 次の行もメニューや ToDo 一覧に表示.
;; 味見用に, とりあえず非効率なやっつけ実装.
;; howm-test090502 でテスト.

(defun howm-insert-cont (item-list)
   (mapcan #'howm-expand-cont item-list))

(defvar howm-cont-regexp "\\\\$")
(defun howm-cont-p (item)
   (string-match howm-cont-regexp (howm-item-summary item)))

(defun howm-expand-cont (item)
   (let ((ans (howm-expand-cont-sub item)))
     ;; reset pages of succeeding items so that
     ;; formatters don't try howm-todo-parse to them.
     (mapc (lambda (i) (howm-item-set-page i (howm-make-page:nil)))
           (cdr ans))

(defun howm-expand-cont-sub (item)
   (and item
        (cons item (and (howm-cont-p item)
                        (howm-expand-cont-sub (howm-cont-item item))))))

(defun howm-cont-item (item)
    (lambda (item)
      (and (= (forward-line) 0)
           (howm-make-item (howm-item-page item)
                            (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))
                           ;; actually (1+ (howm-item-place item))

(defadvice riffle-line-number (around widen activate)

(defadvice howm-todo-menu (around insert-cont activate)
   (setq ad-return-value (howm-insert-cont ad-return-value)))

(defadvice howm-list-reminder-final-setup (around
                                            (&optional name item-list)
   (setq item-list (howm-insert-cont item-list))