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howm wiki - NewFrame Diff

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;; 新規フレームで C-c , g (howm-list-grep) する.
;; howm-test100702 でテスト
(defun howm-list-grep-in-new-frame (&optional completion-p)
   (interactive "P")
   (select-frame (make-frame))
   (howm-list-grep completion-p))


      ;; 一覧・内容バッファで M-RET → 別フレームで開く
      ;; howm の load より後に以下を.
      (defvar *howm-new-frame* nil)
      (defun howm-new-frame ()
        (when *howm-new-frame*
          (select-frame (make-frame))))
      (add-hook 'howm-view-before-open-hook 'howm-new-frame)
      (defun howm-open-new-frame (opener)
        ;; move cursor back from contents to summary in the original frame
        (let (new-frame)
            (let ((*howm-new-frame* t))
              (funcall opener))
            (setq new-frame (selected-frame)))
          (select-frame new-frame)))
      (defun howm-open-new-frame-summary ()
        (howm-open-new-frame #'howm-view-summary-open-sub))
      (defun howm-open-new-frame-contents ()
        (howm-open-new-frame #'howm-view-contents-open-sub))
      (define-key howm-view-summary-mode-map
        "\M-\C-m" 'howm-open-new-frame-summary)
      (define-key howm-view-contents-mode-map
        "\M-\C-m" 'howm-open-new-frame-contents)